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Here we aim to show you how we introduce new children to the Nursery and the day to day pattern of our work.  

Settling in visits
All children are unique and the amount of time that a child takes to settle into our Nursery can vary enormously. Therefore, children will be given time to settle in at their own pace, so as to make them feel welcome, safe and confident in a new environment.

We shall book settling in visits with you a week or so before your child is due to start nursery. You can stay with your child for these and then slowly leave your child with us to allow them to get used to you not being with them. We will continue this until you and your child are happy.

Key Worker
A keyworker is allocated to each child/family.  Keyworkers are responsible for keeping Learning Journeys up to date and assessing their development, all staff will be involved in making observations and working on individual next steps.

Famly App
Communication is key in any relationship, and none more so than the relationship you have with your child's nursery. At Little Acorns Day Nursery we use the most up to date Nursery Management Software called Famly to improve communication and enhance the nursery experience for you. Click here for further information.

We will follow guidelines on Sleeping as set out by the Department of Health and Foundation of Sudden Infant Death and do take account of individual wishes.

Our hot lunches are provided by The Professional Nursery Kitchen who are passionate about child nutrition and preparing foods using the freshest ingredients. We provide summer/winter rotating 3-week menus copies of which are available on request. Please see our fees section for meal charges.

Morning and afternoon snacks are offered daily with milk and water (water is accessible at all times). Fruit and raw vegetables are offered daily. Please note snacks are provided without charge.