Our Rooms

Acorns (0-2yrs)

This fully air conditioned room offers high quality care and education for children aged from birth to 2 years, in an exciting, stimulating and caring environment.

We offer a range of resources, including:

  • Sand and water
  • Rest and sleep areas
  • Musical instruments
  • Books, puzzles
  • Mark making
  • Heuristic play
  • Small world and imaginary play equipment
  • Secure outside play area and access to our local environment and community

Our nursery is set up as an open plan area, allowing children to have access to clearly labelled resources, that they can access freely.  This encourages children to move around freely, starting to make their own choices and decisions about their play.

Little Oaks (2-5yrs)

This room is for children aged 2 years until they start school.  We prepare your child for school by encouraging independence and confidence.

Our nursery encourages children to take part in a wide range of self-chosen, child led and adult led activities. These are planned in accordance with 'The Early Years Foundation Stage’. Children enjoy spending time in our discovery area, dark den, and role play area. They enjoy exploring the sand and water, painting and mark making.

We look at individual children's development and find that sharing child development concepts with parents helps you to understand and relate to your child.


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